Where will you build your new home?

We’ve all heard the saying location, location, location. Even the ones that know very little about building a home know it’s all about location. Surely there are many things to contemplate when choosing a location to build your new home. There are pros and cons to each type of location. Put the time and effort into finding the right location for you. So, where do you envision your new home to be?

You don’t want to just put your finger on a map and say, “This is where I’m going to build.” Also, don’t just follow the crowd and build where everyone else is building their new home. What might be a fantastic neighborhood for one family may be a dreadful choice for another. So it’s imperative to choose your location based on your lifestyle needs.

Things to consider when building your home:

  • The hustle and bustle or the urban lifestyle or the openness and freshness of rural areas or maybe somewhere in between
    • Are you driven to the culture diversity that an urban life has to offer such as culinary spots, museums or art galleries
    • Do you enjoy a little bit of both? Suburban life is best suited for you
    • Outside the city limits are the rural areas, do you enjoy the quiet atmosphere of rural life?
  • If you enjoy rural life, you may want to consider your acreage, especially if you have farm animals, or if you’re a hunter, you might want a back door that would head out into a wooded lot
  • If you enjoy a more urban lifestyle, think about your space and how close you are in proximity to those public places that you like to visit from time to time
  • If you are suburban laden, think about balancing the best of both worlds

These are just a few discussions to have when choosing a location to build your new home. The area you choose to build your dream home should reflect your needs and desires of your lifestyle.

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Thank you to Crystal Rowland for submitting this blog post.

June 19, 2018

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