Sarah Peavey Testimonial

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Listen to Sarah Peavey describe her home building experience with Envision.Home at Last®.

Sarah Peavey: Envision’s been great. Not only the 3D walk-through, but going back and looking at the plans over and over again. I think the part that I liked the best that I hadn’t experienced with other contractors is that’s it actually kind of laid out with beds, and couches in certain positions. It kind of puts it in a more, real term, you know, just an 11 by 12 room, well, what is that exactly? What can kind of fit in there? You know, we’re a younger couple and we’re just starting out and we wanted a house that we could afford and we went with a really strict budget and told them what our budget was from the beginning and they were really comfortable with that. It’s something that we could afford and that was something we were looking for. The first day that we were there we saw this house and the plans, loved it immediately. Did a 3D walk-through, and pretty much had out mind made up when we walked out of there that night that this is what we wanted. It had everything that we wanted.

June 6, 2018

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