Panelized Home Advantages

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National Association of Home Builders provides overview of the panelization process and its advantages.

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Video used by permission, courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders.

Panelized building systems and components are some of the most common systems built technologies used in residential construction. The concept is simple. Walls, trusses, and floor systems are constructed under controlled conditions in the factory. This protects building materials from weather related damage, vandalism, and theft. It also expedites the construction process. The site can be prepped at the same time components are being assembled. Panelized building systems are an efficient solution for your building business. It allows you to maintain your construction schedule and reduce the need for onsite labor, avoiding costly delays. It reduces your overhead and allows you to focus on making sales and increasing profitability. A panelized home can be up and weather tight within a few days, regardless of its size. Panelized construction is pre-engineered, and meets or exceeds the building codes standards of stick built site construction. It can also be customized to suit the needs of any builder or buyer from starter homes to customized architecturally designed homes. Start with a basic model and customize various aspects of the design or design a home from scratch. Computer aided design used in building systems allows for total flexibility. The panelized system of home construction offers today’s builder a better way to build effectively and it’s green too. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) national green building program recognizes panelized building system techniques for their pre-assembled components, their re-use, and their recycling of materials, their minimization of soil disturbancing and erosion on the job site and more. As with any pre-fabricated construction, panelization reduces material waste, each component is constructed from detailed design drawings to exact specifications every time. The unique construction can be packages into cargo shipping containers, making the panelized building system ideal for local distribution or international export. It could be time for you to consult with a panelized system manufacturer to see how they can positively impact your business’s bottom line. Visit the building systems council website to find a panel manufacturer to meet your needs today.

June 7, 2018

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