Our Process Video

Video Transcript

This video provides an overview of the home building process with Envision.Home at Last®

Dale Amundson: Envision is really nice for both customers and home builders like myself. It’s a pre-priced product and there’s dozens and dozens of floor plans to choose from with all kinds of modifications that we can make. In fact, modifications are unlimited.
Brice Nelson: A customer will come in with a napkin plan and say, “Can you build this?” We look at it and say, “Well, not the way it is on that napkin, but we can probably get it done for you.” We’ll draw it up and send it into the people at Envision. They’ll do the engineering and give us a price on the home. It really works great for us.
Dale Amundson: What’s really nice about it is the program that they use to draw the plans up. Everything can be done in 3D venture so you can actually do a walk through of the house and see what the house looks like before you even put it on paper. They can see their cabinet layout. They can see if they want an arch doorway put in some place, the size of the windows. It’s pretty awe inspiring to them. It’s pretty awesome.
As you can see, the houses go up typically in one day. Everything fits. The engineering is taken care of. I don’t have to worry about framing crews that are cold or hot or in a bad mood, don’t quite do the job they do because everything is built in a controlled environment. We never worry about weather.
Mike Spears: Not much laying anything down in the dirt or the mud. It comes off the trailer and gets set right in place. Things happen pretty fast to get the house water tight. That’s the biggest thing. Not a lot of waste and garbage all over the place during construction.
Jason Blenker: You know, one of the things with the Envision process is it’s really a green process and a green building process. We take the time to reuse as much material as we possibly can.
Rick Martin: Our finger jointing machine we have is used to take the scrap that we generate off of our automated saws. We regenerate lumber that is used for framing our walls backing on the job site.
Dale: The day of the set, they can be there to watch it go from a empty basement up to the framed house in one day is just … It’s just exciting. Everybody has a lot of fun doing it. The building process is the only way to go as far as component built construction because it goes up so easy with hardly any waste.
Jason Blenker: It’s a very systematized process. I think it makes them feel a little bit better that it goes the way it’s supposed to go.