How to Select Exterior Windows & Doors Products

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What exterior doors and windows should you choose for your new home? We’ll take you inside our Envision. Home At Last. showroom and show the exterior products that are available. We’ll talk about vinyl, fiberglass and real wood doors that are available for your doors. Then, we’ll talk about vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum clad options available for your windows.

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Justin Breyhan: Hello, I’m Justin Breyhan with Envision. Home At Last. I handle business development for the company and today, we’re going to talk a little bit about exterior selections. One of those being windows and the other, exterior doors. We’re going to go into some of the compositions of those materials, as well as the pros and cons of each of them.
Breyhan: Alright, we’re going to start things off by talking about the exterior door selections. There’s three main material types when dealing with exterior doors. Those being steel, fiberglass, and real wood. With each of those product categories, there’s pros and cons associated with them. First, on the price side, steel is going to be your least expensive. Followed by fiberglass and then real wood being the most expensive. From a maintenance standpoint, real wood is going to be the most maintenance associated with it because it needs to be stained, you know, every so often, compared the fiberglass and steel options. Your fiberglass is going to be less dent resistant, so that’s also a good choice when finding something that is going to wear quite nicely. Now, when look closer at the steel line, you can see this the smooth steel door. Pre-finished from the factory in various colors. It’s also available in stain-able steel. Now, the stain-able steel offers a durable product with the textured finish to give it that real wood look, followed by textured fiberglass, which looks most real like without getting into the maintenance issues you would have with running into a real wood door and as you can see here its got the deep graining that is available in about 8 different pre-finished factory colors. So there you go and in a nutshell, those are your selections when dealing with exterior doors, they certainly add curb appeal to your home and it’s really a matter of picking a door style that fits your needs.
Breyhan: One of the next selections that need to be made on the exterior of your home are going to be the windows, when deciding what window you’re going to be going with, you need to first decide what material you want your window frame to be made out of. Windows come into three major compositions which are vinyl, fiberglass, as well as aluminum clad. Aluminum clad being the most durable and resistant to wear and tear from mother nature of course, being that’s it’s in the exterior. Fiberglass has come a long way, another alternate to the aluminum clad…now being available in the more darker colors. And then vinyl, which most people are familiar with. The operation of those can vary and I’m going to start with the lowest cost associated with it and then move my way up as far as the window would open. And the least expensive is going to be a sliding window which is either going to have a single pane or double pane that moves left to right. The next option would be a single hung unit which he have right here, and there, the bottom sash is going to move up, only to this point and it will tilt out for you for easy cleaning. A double hung offers the same conveniences of a single hung but also adds the top sash being able to be manipulated and open out for cleaning, both the inside and outside of that glass. The next is going to be a casement, which we have right here and a casement is going to have a crank as such and it’s going to crank out and open out similar to your exterior doors would or how they would operate. Those are the main material types as well as the operation of your windows. It just comes down to your preferences and what you’re looking for.
Breyhan: Alright, now I want to talk a little bit about glass. Glass you can either get in double pane, triple pane, and how you alter your low E ratings as well as the glass that’s in these panes can alter the overall performance of your windows, so make sure you ask your Envision. Home At Last. rep what is available in that particular brand of window and they can cater it to what they need.

June 7, 2018

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