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Video Transcript

Check out the “In Your Neighborhood” collection from Envision. Home at Last. for fine living in that little subdivision you already own a lot in, or find the lot to fit the home of your choice. Enjoy the peacefulness of the “Woodlands” home collection, featuring just the right cottage for that vacation spot in the woods. Or walk down memory lane and see what the “Nostalgia” collection has to offer for a more period home look. You will see delightful floor plans of each model.

Pam Jewell: We’ve created three different lifestyle choices. In Your Neighborhood can be a home that can be found in any subdivision that you’d be glad to live in with your family. Then we have The Woodlands series, which is geared towards the cottage that you might want to go to and retire to and spend your summers at. Then the third series was the Nostalgia collection. We realize there’s an insurgence right now of the craftsman homes in particular as well as some of the retro homes, so I wanted people to feel like these could be homes that they themselves could live in.
Jason Blenker: And I just want to know if I’ve got a big enough garage so I can get my toys in.
Tom Mason: Right. Yeah, that’s important. Right.