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Envision.Home at Last. homes are fully engineered before the first board is cut, eliminating waste typically found on most construction sites. Cuttoffs and short lengths are recycled.

Jason Blenker: There are things that we do within our company that I guess we’ve done green building before green was really cool and was a big buzz word. Trying to be energy efficient, building the most energy efficient house that we can build. Reusing material, recycling material, reducing the overall material that we used.
Pam Jewell: We were green because when we started it was ‘waste not, want not’. Don’t spend money you don’t have, don’t do things that aren’t necessary. It just was a natural way of working because you had to do what you could afford and you had to reuse.
Jason Blenker: The Green Built Home Programs recognizes panelized construction and has a huge advantage to green built home certification process, Leed homes whether it’s residential or commercial Leed certified also values panelized and component construction and recognizes the fact that we are using less material and having less waste.
Tom Mason: You’re looking at how we value that product and then look at the job site and the professionalism, very little waste. They can control their waste cost at the job site when constructing a new home.
Pam Jewell: I think people who come to tour our home manufacturing facility are always amazed when they see our Omni Miser saw that actually calculates and uses the least amount of waste possible. For every piece of lumber that comes through our shop and when they see the little bin that has the cut-offs ad that’s the waste.
Tom Mason: That’s very impressive. Yeah.
Pam Jewell: And right now that little bit of waste is actually being chopped up and used for boiler fuel.
Rick Martin: The waste that we sent out of this building as a result of using this machine is probably under one to two percent.
Jason Blenker: Last year we only had about $486 worth of landfill costs for our entire facility, which is pretty impressive.
Tom Mason: Sure, the buyer is going to look for it as more green but you’re also saving dollars when building your new home.
Pam Jewell: And now it’s become the in thing to do in building. Well, I guess we were in before it was in.

June 6, 2018

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