Amherst Showroom

Our new home selection center at our headquarters in Amherst, Wisconsin, gives you the chance to make all of your home selections with a one-stop-shop experience.


We have a line of cabinetry designed to fit every budget and every style. With the Merillat Classics and Merillat Basics collection, you can choose from many sought-after trendy finishes and accessories to create your one-of-a-kind dream kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank or compromising your design vision. The Medallion line offers the most versatility when it comes to achieving a specific style; you can pick from several wood species and finishes to bring your vision to life. Whether you want a modern Milwaukee loft or a Northwood’s rustic lodge, Medallion won’t disappoint! Choose from Silverline, Gold or Platinum to make your new space your own. If you’re looking for a higher-end design aesthetic that is fully customizable yet carries a modest price tag, consider Showplace Cabinetry. Showplace Cabinetry offers timeless designs that make any kitchen or bathroom beautiful.

Cabinetry Hardware/Door Hardware

We offer a variety of both traditional and contemporary cabinetry pulls and door knob levers that assists your life in many ways. Our cabinetry and door hardware comes in an assortment of finishes and can be matched to fit anything in your home. If you’re into the more modern door hardware, we invite you to take advantage of the latest and greatest door technology with the ability to use smart pads linked to your electronic devices for added security. Need help choosing cabinetry or door hardware? Not a problem, our designers will work with you to select these finishing touches so that they match the function, style and budget of your new home.


We offer our countertops in a diversity of colors and materials at unbeatable prices that are guaranteed to impress you. Our current selections include quartz, granite, solid surfaces, cultured marble, laminate and butcher block. With your quartz, granite and solid surfaces selections, we are able to do templating, installation and fabrication for your home from areas all over Wisconsin. If you want a versatile material that works well all across your home, consider cultured marble. Cultured marble is an excellent fit for window sills, shower bases, wall panels, shower accessories and bathroom vanity countertops. If you want the most bang for your buck, consider laminate. Laminate exceeds at matching not only your budget, but other spaces in your home as well, because it offers hundreds of colors and patterns that are made to look like granite, marble and other higher end surfaces, yet without the hefty price tag. If you’re looking for a warmer yet functional touch to your home, consider butcher block tops. Make a striking statement in your kitchen and add that black walnut island countertop that you’ve always desired.


We offer a wide range of railing and decking styles that are strong, beautiful and hassle-free. Our decking comes in an almost endless supply of graining patterns including wood composite and wood stone. The best part is our railing styles can complement any decking you choose. Don’t forget to add concealed fasteners to make your deck look seamless!

Doors (Interior/Exterior)

Our showroom features a collection of interior and exterior doors styles, including steel, textured fiber glass, wood or wood veneer and they can be pre-finished in an almost unlimited selection of stains and colors. Steel is our least expensive option, with fiber glass and real wood having the highest price point of our materials. Our wood styles can be stained in a variety of colors but require more maintenance because of the stain. If you’re looking for a door that makes maintenance easy, consider our fiber glass option, which is the least dent resistant of all the materials. Our steel doors are the most inexpensive option and are also the most durable of our options. If you want to mimic real wood without the door maintenance hassle, we invite you to take advantage of stained steel. Fiber glass can also mimic real wood and requires less maintenance and is available in eight different pre-finished factory colors. Don’t forget to include a pane to add extravagance and flair to your door, with a medley of fun glass styles and textures, like rain glass and frosted glass. Our doors come in several sizes including popular heights like 3’6” wide by 8’ tall.

Interior Millwork

Add interior millwork to your home to beautify it and make it a work of art. All of our interior millwork is offered in many species, stains and colors and like all of our showroom items, can be pre-finished to match your cabinetry or anything in your new home that you desire. We offer base molding, which protects the bottom of the wall, and casing, which goes around window and door openings. The materials are offered in hollow core or solid core. We also offer stair parts in wood and iron. Whether you want a traditional stairwell with a pine baluster or an elegant winding staircase with a decorative iron baluster, we have options for you that fit your design vision, lifestyle and budget. Speak with an Envision representative or builder to further discuss the form, function, and price of these design elements.


We work with a top-of-the-line lighting manufacturer to offer you high quality beautiful lighting for your new home. We make sure to keep a tab of the latest trends so that that you have a variety of styles and finishes to choose from… just ask our designers or an Envision builder about our about Envision lighting program.


We have a collection of plumbing fixtures that serve a variety of functions and come in various finishes and styles that will fit your kitchen and bathroom vision. Whether you’re looking to add nostalgic charm with an antique brassy claw foot faucet or contemporary sophistication with a temperature and touch controlled faucet—there’s a plumbing fixture for you in our Envision showroom that fits your lifestyle, design aesthetic and budget.


We offer asphalt, laminate, wood, plastic polymer and metal roofing. Asphalt is the least expensive and most popular out of all of our roofing materials with metal roofing have the highest price point, but it has the greatest longevity of all of our materials and has a great resistance to wind, fire, and storm damage and gives your home a farmhouse charm.


Choose from an impressive selection of materials, textures and colors with our siding options. Our siding options includes wood, vinyl, composite and cement. Like every material in our showroom, you have the ability to color match with almost every material choice. Speak with an Envision representative or builder to discover what options and pricing is best for your new home.


Looking for a long-lasting material that gives your home great curb appeal? Consider adding stone inside and outside of your home. We offer cultured stone, thin veneer stone (true stone), and real stone (natural) and they come in an assortment of colors and profiles. Profiles include field, stack, ledge-stone and many others.


Our window selections are reliable, beautiful and efficient. Our window selections come in three types of compositions: vinyl, fiber glass, wood and aluminum-clad. Whether you choose them as standard, soundproof, tinted or energy saving windows…we have a choice that will fit for your lifestyle and budget. Aluminum clad is the most durable, and is able to withstand the wear and tear from Mother Nature. Fiber glass is another strong alternative, but most people are familiar with vinyl, which is the least expensive. Our window styles and operations include sliding, single pane, double pane, triple pane, awning, casements, single hung and double hung. Sliding windows are the least expensive option, which feature a single or double paned window, which slides from left to right. Our single hung windows will open up to the sash at the center of the window, and will tilt out for easy cleaning. A double hung window offers the same conveniences of a single hung window, except the top sash of the window has the ability to be manipulated as well, and be tilted back for easy cleaning both inside and outside of the glass. A casement style operated window will be the most expensive of our options, and what it does it is opens the window to the outside with a crank. Speak with an Envision representative or builder to discuss which operation style best fits your budget and needs. If you’re looking to add patio doors, we offer them an assortment of functions including sliding, French, scope and pocket. If you’d like to learn about how R-factor, U-factor, or solar coefficient impacts your window performance and/or you’re interested adding a low-e (low-emissivity) coating to your windows, which helps to increase the performance of your window, so you can better reflect heat or cold back into your house depending on the season, speak with an Envision representative or builder today.

June 6, 2018

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