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Jason Blenker: Part of the reason that we created the Envision Home At Last product line was to help homeowners really visualize the home before it’s ever built so that they can get a feel of how they’re ever going to live in that house.
Sarah Peavey: The first day we were there, we saw this house in the plans, loved it immediately, did a 3D walk through and pretty much had our mind made up when we walked out of there that night that this is the house that we wanted. The home had everything we wanted.
Pam Jewell: Part of what we’re trying to do with Envision by doing the 3D doll house view on the plans, which is the view looking down and putting the furniture in and decorating the homes, we’re trying to let the women in particular see what their home is going to look like before it’s built so that they can feel more comfortable and excited about it.
Jason Blenker: It’s not just a two dimensional line drawing that they’re not quite sure of what they’re getting. They’re going to be able to actually see the home room by room and be able to walk through that house so they know exactly what it is and what they’re getting for the money that they’re spending.
Sarah Peavey: I think the part that I like the best, that we hadn’t experienced in other building contractors, is that it’s actually kind of laid out with beds and couches in certain positions. It kind of puts it in a more real term. Just 11X12 room, what is that exactly? What could fit in there?
Pam Jewell: I recently worked with a client that were so excited that they actually could show their children what their bedrooms were going to look like. Before they even put a hole in the ground, the family is excited about where they’re going to be living.
Tom Mason: It’s pre-priced, we put it together in an entire home package so that the builder and the home buyer makes that whole process a lot simpler and cuts down on the whole timetable of building a new home.
Brice Nelson: One of the advantages we have with the Envision Home at Last Building System, is that we can get pricing directly from them. It helps us give a guarantee to our customers so it helps both us as a builder and a customer probably remove the biggest fears that both of us have. Obviously the customer’s fearful that there’s going to be cost overruns at the end, so we want to give them a guaranteed price on the home. We do that by using the Envision pricing.
Sarah Peavey: We’re a younger couple and we’re just starting out and we wanted a house that we could afford. We went with a really strict budget and told them what our budget was from the beginning and they were really comfortable with that and really brought us a home that we could afford. That was really something we were looking for.
Tom Mason: I think the home buyer, by going to an Envision builder and seeing his designs in our showroom and allowing them to take the steps in a 3D environment and choosing the plan or the design that works for them takes a lot of angst out of the whole buying process.
Pam Jewell: A lot of times people are overwhelmed and intimidated by too many choices, so that’s why we’ve set the Envision home showroom up so that you have choices. You can see, touch, feel what you’re getting.
Pam Jewell: I think having our website with the Envision Home At Last helps them even make that first visit to the showroom easier because they can go on the website and look at the home plans and see about the showrooms so that they don’t come into the showroom anxious about what they’re going to get.
Tom Mason: There is a misconception I think the consumer or home buyer has between factory built or the terminology that’s out there pre-fab.
Jason Blenker: We have the ability. We’ve done 500 square foot home additions all the way up to 30,000 square foot houses to assisted living facilities. We’ve got a lot of flexibility. Really if somebody can design it, we’ll figure out a way to build it.
Tom Mason: The home is being pre-engineered, value engineered, and being built in a controlled environment.
Jason Blenker: By building all our homes, the majority of the building components in the factory, we really can control our environment. We don’t have to worry about rain or wind or snow.
Marsha Sowle: They take the time. I always feel that whatever questions you have, they will answer. I think for most people, you do have to spend a lot of time because building a home is one of your biggest investments you’re ever going to make.
Sarah Peavey: It’s so much fun too at the same time.
Jason Blenker: They want more than just a house. They want a home. They want to make it feel like it’s theirs and fits their family.
Pam Jewell: When you look at the homes, we have stories about every home because I think every home has a story behind it. Maybe not when you buy it but as you live in it.