How to use sight lines to expand your space

When building a new home; you are faced with numerous questions and decisions to make. From the placement of a door to where a skylight should go. Something that will come up is the form and function of your new home.

Form & Function: what exactly do these mean?

To put it simply, it’s your new home living larger by making it feel larger.

For example; you have two homes, they both have the same square footage as the other; however the one appears to be much bigger than the other. Why? The answer is simple. It all has to do with what are called sight lines. These are what you see from any given point in your home, whether it’s standing in a doorway or seated in a room. When you walk through your new home, it’s far more compelling and exciting to get a glimpse of what may lay ahead with hints of what the spaces could be, rather than being cut off from the rest of the home by dark hallways. Stand in your kitchen and take a look around. What do you see? Good sight lines let you take in the view of the breakfast nook windows, the fireplace in the family room or the sidelight windows in the entry way. When building your new home, consider these three things when it comes to form and function.

Where to Find Sight Lines

Traffic Patterns

The victory of a floor plan isn’t distinguished by how it looks when you’re standing or seated. The fundamental factor of a great floor plan is how you flow through it. Compared to dark and dull hallways, think of other rooms as passageways. It can make rooms appear larger and increases sight lines.

Room Placement

With the goal of togetherness, public zones should flow freely together. Kitchens that open up to the family room and dining room, making it as effortless to entertain your guest(s) as it is to get dinner on the table.

Windows & Light

Apart from the obvious perks of fresh air and natural light, windows can take a home from bleak to sensational. With the appropriate number and placement of windows; they can breathe life into a new home. Windows and light can take a gloomy, cramped space and make it appear to be larger, more open and inviting.

With the assistance of Envision. Home at Last., you will cover all of these areas to get you into a house that finally feels like home.

Thank you to Crystal Rowland for submitting this blog post.

June 19, 2018

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