The Inspiration Collection

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Signature plans that are affordable and elegant.

Comfort. Versatility. Efficiency. In other words, this collection has everything you’ve come to expect from a Design Basics home…and then some. From fabulous and luxurious to a farmhouse look, not to mention multi-story homes with grand staircases, our Inspiration home plan collection is heads above the rest when it comes to maximum style meets efficiency. Newlyweds to empty nesters love the range of looks and points of inspiration that can be found in these homes. Take the plunge. Get inspired.

  • Luxury styles
  • Spacious areas to accommodate large families
  • Separate private spaces and oases so you can lie back, relax and enjoy the feeling of being Home at Last.
  • Flex room and open concept spaces
  • Impressive facades
  • Feature-loaded

This Home Collection At A Glance

The Brantwood - Front Elevation - Fancy Version

The Brantwood

The Farmhouse look is true Americana tradition. We have made this farmhouse an integral part of our Design Basics “Inspiration” Collection because nothing inspires a family more than coming home to tradition, warmth and family. Of course, we had to modernize and jazz it up a bit because we are in a new century and life- styles have changed just…
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Square Feet 1267
The Hartford - Front Elevation - Fancy Version

The Hartford

Fabulous, luxurious and absolutely wonderful are the best adjectives to describe this two story home. As part of our premier Design Basics series, it sets the tone for all the rest… And what a home it is! We think any home with a side-loaded garage makes a beautifully impressive facade that adorns any great neighborhood.
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4
Square Feet 2897
The Linden - Front Elevation - Fancy Version

The Linden

Did you notice the coolest part of this Design Basics home plan? You guessed it, the dual entry stairway. You know how most homes have a beautiful front entry foyer with a grand staircase that looks really nice but is not always practical from the standpoint of someone actually living in the house? Well, this home plan solves that problem.
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Square Feet 2218
The Manning - Front Elevation - Fancy Version

The Manning

This is one of those homes that looks deceptively small on the outside but deliciously grand on the inside. Design Basics outdid themselves when they created the split stairway den location for this home—you do realize that you can do the matching one right below it?
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4
Square Feet 2860
The Pinnacle - Front Elevation - Fancy Version

The Pinnacle

The two-story great room and first floor Owners’ Suite are what set this Design Basics home apart from other homes. You could just sit by that stunning fireplace wall all day and maybe even all night. Okay, you might actually have to turn it ON at some point, but the beauty of the wall and view are there day and…
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Square Feet 2554
The Prairie - Front Elevation - Fancy Version

The Prairie

This is one of those perfectly perfect homes well laid out in an efficient yet pleasing style. It has everything you expect in a Design Basics home and then some. We all love the dining room at the front of the house–what a great entry for guests, but we don’t always need that formal space, especially when we have that…
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Square Feet 2177
The Quimby Front Elevation

The Quimby

Most split bedroom home plans put the bedrooms at opposite ends of the home, but this creative Design Basics plan places them front to back so you feel more connected, yet have your own separate spaces. Not to mention how easy it was for us to turn that front bedroom into a home office. 1-2-3 easy as pie.
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Square Feet 1454
The Trenton - Front Elevation - Fancy Version

The Trenton

This is one of DESIGN BASICS’ most versatile homes for a wide range of families—from newlyweds to empty nesters, it seems to call to all. The front den can be redone in numerous ways—only you know which will work for your family. Put on your thinking cap and let’s get started! The two-story great room really opens up both the…
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Square Feet 1942

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