Checklist for Visiting An Envision Showroom

We interviewed Tim Mueller, an outside sales team member, here at Blenker Building Systems, and we got some answers regarding what people should know about coming to our showroom.

What are the most popular design choices in the showroom?

I think design choices are so varied it’s hard to tell. Some people want to go with what’s “in” and some people want a look that’s timeless.  I do know that the kitchen will eat up a big chunk of a design budget and typically the most attention and time will be spent making those choices.

Should people bring a checklist before their showroom visit? If yes, what should be on that checklist?

I think they should prepare but I don’t think a “checklist” is really necessary.  I feel they should bring any questions and concerns with them to meet with a building professional.  A huge value that a General Contractor brings is that they can take the lead in a showroom meeting and guide clients through their selections in an organized manor.  Our Envision pricing software is a checklist in itself and really allows builders to do just that- guide the clients through their selections one area at a time.

In your opinion, why should people visit the showroom?

It’s another great place to get new ideas and to see what’s available.  Like a lot of other industries, styles & trends are always changing and new items are constantly being introduced.

How easy is the process? What does Blenker Companies, Inc. do to ease the process?

On your own, choosing from all the options can be a really difficult and daunting task.  There are so many things to consider and most people are just not knowledgeable about what can and will work for their unique situation.  Again, our builder partners with the Envision showroom and software at their disposal can really make things so much easier and even FUN for their clients.

What would you say to someone who feels overwhelmed about the product selections that are available?

Easy, go visit with an Envision builder.

How helpful has/will Houzz been/be in the selection process? What are the advantages of using this technology?

I think Houzz is helpful for giving people information on trends, unique looks, and ideas for what they want to accomplish in their space.  There are times though it can hinder things moving forward.  I feel there can be occasions when what the customer wants doesn’t work within their budget, available space, or other design elements in the home.  Again an Envision builder will have our Cadsoft 3D modeling software available and will be able to “show and tell” the client the options that will work for their home.

To see our builder showroms, visit us here.

To learn about the different options available in our showroom, see Jenny Knutson and Tim Mueller’s video on exterior product selections:

June 19, 2018

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