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While you’re on this wonderful journey of building your dream home with Envision. Home at Last., we like to provide you with as much custom home information and insight from ourselves and as many resources as we possibly can. Around here we believe you can never have too much of a good thing, so we provide you with industry news, tips and pointers, checklists and more so you can make the experience with us as stress free as possible. Happy reading and viewing!
Building A Home Contract
Building a Home – Contract

I was sitting in my four season’s porch one Sunday afternoon with a friend who is building a home. She proceeded to tell me of how her builder has gone over budget again. Hearing this, I think back to the agreement set up with my builder. I explained to her each key point covered in my contract.

Inside the Trifari
Wisconsin Real Estate Interview

Check out my interview, How To Design Fine Homes: An Interview with Jason Blenker of Blenker Companies, Inc. on Wisconsin Real Estate, one of the top sites for Wisconsin real estate, including Little Grant, WI homes for sale. Wisconsin Real Estate also services Pennsylvania real estate and Michigan real estate.

Managing Window Condensation
Frosty Has Returned! Managing Window Condensation

While decorating around the house for the upcoming holiday season the other day my wife, Jenny, noticed that several of our windows had frost on the bottoms of them and asked the question that I get several times each winter, “Why do we have frost on the bottoms of our windows? Our house is only 6 years old.” And so being the “builder” of the home I had to respond, or get put on the naughty list this year.

Green Building in New Home Construction
Green Building in New Home Construction

Building a new home can be so exciting and with the rising energy costs and environmental agencies pushing for eco-friendly housing, more and more people are interested in green building construction. Energy efficiency is important to home owners, as no one wants to throw money out the window for utilities when there are ways to cut costs. Green construction builders care about the environment and your pocketbook when it comes to indoor air quality, water conservation, and green building materials.

Spiral Staircase at Vatican
Its All in the Details: Building A Custom Home

Building your own home is certainly a blessing. As a homeowner you probably have had a great time choosing your home and decorating your home to the style you have chosen, but have you really taken the time to truly make your home unique. Do you want to express certain characteristics that make a statement about your personality? If so, know that it is truly possible with some thought and effort. You can make your home truly unique in its design and in its décor. It’s all in the details!

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