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While you’re on this wonderful journey of building your dream home with Envision. Home at Last., we like to provide you with as much custom home information and insight from ourselves and as many resources as we possibly can. Around here we believe you can never have too much of a good thing, so we provide you with industry news, tips and pointers, checklists and more so you can make the experience with us as stress free as possible. Happy reading and viewing!
Checklist for New Home-buyers
Checklist for new custom home buyers

Buying your first custom home can be one of the most uplifting and tense time of your life. A custom home is not something you purchase on a whim; you can’t just waltz in and announce “I’ll take it!” However, with the right knowledge, you can shop for a custom home, apply for a mortgage and close the deal with assurance.

Top 6 Advantages Wheel
Top 6 Advantages for Choosing Envision

With the new year, now might be a great time to start thinking and planning that new home that you’ve always dreamt of building. Envision. Home at Last. uses state-of-the-art sales, design, and construction tools to assist homeowners in building the custom home of their dreams.

Our Signature Thanksgiving Recipe - Envision Home at Last
Our Signature Thanksgiving Recipe

There’s a lot of family recipes you’ll want to dig into this Thanksgiving, but we have one signature family recipe that you’ll want to enjoy all year… and it’s the one for a new custom home.

Home Sketch on A Napkin
Building A Home – Design

Starting my day drinking coffee in my beautiful kitchen. I step back and think about the process that got me here standing in a kitchen that was once a dream sketched on a napkin.  Reflecting back, part of what made the process easy was the help I received from my builder.

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