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Envision. Home at Last…® is centered upon helping you, the new home buyer, to build the custom home of your dreams. Through a time-tested and proven approach to building homes, we offer unmatched value in 3-dimensional virtual home design, industry-leading Green building construction practices, and top-quality building products which provide you, the home owner, with a fun and enjoyable home-building experience. Our team is here to assist you, whether it is your first home, your last home, or anything in between. A house in town, a cabin on the lake, your retirement home, or your investment property; we can assist you in the home building process from the beginning to the end. By incorporating your lifestyle and your choices we make each home unique to its owner. We can start with one of our home plans, or work with ideas you already have. We have a network of new home builder partners that are ready to assist you.


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Envision. Home at Last…® is a network of certified professional custom home builders located throughout the midwest including Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and upper Michigan; while our network of new home builders does not yet (it will in the future) extend beyond this area, we are capable of assisting you find a home builder in your location. Our home builder partners are each set up with a showroom in your community to help make the building process a departure from the ordinary. We want you to enjoy building your dream home and we assist our builders in helping to create a fun and enjoyable custom building experience for you and your family. We hope you will soon be… Home at Last.

Envision. Home at Last. The Web Series

This year, Envision. Home At Last. will be bringing you a new web series on our YouTube channel to help you, the homeowner, build your next custom home. In this video series, we’ll be covering all topics from A-Z, and the nuts and bolts of building.

Blenker Companies, Inc. started over 40 years with a man and his hammer and his truck.

In 2005, the company was taken a step further with its Envision. Home At Last. series.

That is designed with our builder customers in mind. So, we have a builder network in Wisconsin, stretching out into upper Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas. Envision. Home At Last. is geared toward making the home building process easier.

In this video series, we want to show you how easy it can be to build…if you go about it the right way. We’ll be introducing you to topics such as selecting a lot, financing, selecting your designer, selecting your delivery method, and more. We’re going to be doing it in an orderly fashion that helps you…help your builder.

We’ll also talk about the end of the process: when you move in, and what you expect after you move in. We’ll be introducing you to the team members so you’re more familiar when you come to meet with us.

For more helpful tips on building your new home from our web series, please visit our blog.

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